The State Senate Race


Corky Mazurek (D) v. Joe Markley (R)


"Corky" Mazurek

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John "Corky" Mazurek is the Democratic Party candidate running for the position of State Senator in the 16th district. Born and raised in the East side of Waterbury, Mazurek was a 24 year resident, before finally attending Central Connecticut State University and obtaining a M.S. degree in Organizational Management, and a B.S. in Industrial Technology. Heavily involved in the Lions Club, Mazurek is kept busy through his Materials and Process Engineering position at Pratt & Whitney.
Topic #1: Educational Requirements
Corky believes that the testing of teachers' is truly unfair. In his own personal knowledge, when Corky attended schooling, teachers' were held with the upmost respect; "When they spoke, we listened. If they spoke loudly, we snapped to attention. I think it had a lot to do with respect. Teachers today don't receive that same level of respect. In some cases they receive no respect at all."
Corky believes that today, the teachers' have lost a significant amount of respect, and that an unfair share of blame of failing students is placed upon them. Teachers currently have to undergo years of training, and can even be declared to have more training and yearly instruction than previous generations. As a result, Corky stands for the fact that students should have a decreased amount of say in their teachers' performance ratings and evaluations. The qualifications instructors have to undergo today, he believes, a stronger teacher as is; there is no need for a child who does not attempt to succeed to ruin the teacher's reputation as a hardworking indivudal.

Topic #2: Right to Bear Arms
Although he declared himself not to be a hunter, Corky believes that fish and game rights need to be enlarged in Connecticut. The NRA member and Connecticut Pistol Permit holder advocates for hunting to be legal on private grounds, and increased access to fishing grounds. Corky has gained the support from the Connecticut Coalition of Sportsmen and the National Rifle Association, and continues to support lawful gun ownership and usage.

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Joe Markley

Joe Markley grew up in Southington and was educated in the local school system. He graduated from Southington High School in 1974, then earned a bachelor’s degree magna cum laude from Amherst College, and a master’s degree in English from Columbia University. Joe has taught English on the high school and college level, and published articles, reviews, op-eds, and short stories. He has been employed as executive director of state and national trade associations, as editor of a local newspaper, and as campaign manager for congressional and statewide races. Joe was elected to the State Senate in 1984. When he first ran for the legislature, Joe pledged he would never support a tax increase. He kept that promise, and consistently fought every attempt to increase the cost and scope of government ( After a 24-year hiatus, Joe became our State Senator again in 2010 (Altimari 2010).
As a staunch conservative Republican (sometimes referred to as a representative of the Tea Party), Markley has two major talking points: less government and fiscal accountability.

Topic #1: Limited Government

Joe Markley is a very strong proponent of cracking down on the scope and power of government. In line with far-right Republicans, he is a strong states righter. Joe says, "Government works best when it is nearest the source and foundation of its authority, the people. I have found broad popular support for the principles of fiscal responsibility, limited government, and personal and economic liberty." Coming into the Senate amongst the wave of Republicans that arrived with Reagan, this view was very close to the norm; today, it is apparently still popular. Joe believes that the government today has gone far beyond the bounds outlined by the words of the Constitution, and wants to return it to the state that it existed in in its earliest days.

Topic #2: Fiscal Accountability

Markley is the staunchest and thriftiest of fiscal conservatives. He fully supports the proposed list of reforms put forward by the Republican caucus called the "Common Sense Commitment." Essentially, this document proclaims fiscally conservative values: not spending more than we take in, not borrowing what we can’t repay, not providing more government than we require. Joe plans on getting Connecticut back on the right track from its $3.5 billion deficit by cutting spending and making government smaller. Amongst these changes that Markley would like to see are a 5% reduction on the state workforce and a two-year pay freeze for state workers which he argues would save over half a billion dollars. On the issue, Markley says, "Each Connecticut taxpayer currently pays out $485 a year to fund state employee retirement, yet the system carries an $11.7 billion unfunded liability, which represents $3,325 for every man, woman and child in the state. These numbers are simply not sustainable" (

Review Questions:
1. What party does Joe Markley represent?

2.What party does Corky represent?

3.Which candidate favors limited government?

4. Does Corky believe in the Right to Bear Arms?

5. What is the Greatest country in the world?

6. Which candidate best represents fiscal conservatism and a balanced budget?

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