2012 Connecticut Senate Elections:

(Chris Murphy vs. Linda McMahon)

This election has been one of the most dead-heat races the country has seen in these 2012 senate elections. It is the only race where there is not a clear head runner. The polls are not showing who is most likely to win, but show an even match between the two candidates. Is there a problem with the polling? Experts say no, but in debates such hotly run as this one you can only wonder. It seems as though this election is close to the Presidential Election in the sense that both candidates are head and head with no clear winner so close to election time.This is, without a doubt, a head to head full on battle election.

Business and Community above all else: Linda McMahon~Bio.

Linda McMahon was born in New Bern, North Carolina and graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in French. She lives in Greenwich with her husband of 45 years, Vince. They have two adult children, Shane and Stephanie, and six grandchildren.
Linda McMahon, a savoy business woman, is running for the 2012 senator election as the primary republican candidate McMahon is well-known for her incredible business skills running and expanding the WWE program from a modest 13 employee company to a worldwide enterprise with six hundred employees. In 2007 she was named one of Multimedia's "Wonder Woman". In addition to her elite business skills she is involved in a multitude of charity and community programs including Get R.E.A.L education and literacy program and WWE's Reading challenge. In 2007, the company received the Secretary of Defense Exceptional Public Service Award for its support of deployed service members in Iraq and Afghanistan. McMahon also serves on the Sacred Heart University Board, and the Close Up Foundation, a nonprofit program that helps educate and inspire young people to participate in democracy.

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Linda McMahon's Views

  • She has a six point common-sense plan:
    • Provide tax cuts for the middle class.
    • Cut tax cuts for small businesses.
    • End "job killing regulations".
    • Reduce spending by one percent each year.
    • Create an empowered, skilled workforce.
    • Develop energy sources here in America.
  • Cautiously repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell."
  • Supports the death penalty.
  • Supports setting standards for schools and for teachers to be accountable, including regular evaluation.
  • Supports local control of education.
  • Supports the use of more nuclear power and domestic oil.
  • Pro-off shore drilling.
  • Supports a sustainable 2-state system in Israel.
  • Pro-Second Amendment rights.
  • Linda is a pro-choice candidate with limited funding.
  • Wishes to repeal Obmacare and instead reform Malpractice.

  • Opposes trying terrorists in civilian courts.
  • Feels that we need strong national defense first and foremost.
  • Supports expanding visas for temporary workers.
  • Anti-Amnesty.
  • Immigration laws should be enforced like all other laws.
  • Wants to keep benefits for seniors.
  • Wants to bring home soldiers in Afghanistan in victory, not defeat.

Middle Class Majority: Chris Murphy~ Bio.

Chris Murphy is the democratic candidate in the Connecticut Senator Elections. He was in the House of Representatives for six years and while in Congress he supported the middle class and affordable healthcare. Chris Murphy's family had ties in middle class from the beginning. He believes it is the essence of America. That is why he supports manufacturing jobs. The middle class is the biggest class in America and Connecticut so naturally his plan involves the working middle class.
Chris Murphy also has been a four generation resident of Connecticut. He has ties here and currently lives in Cheshire, Connecticut with his wife Catherine, and their two sons Owen and Rider.

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Chris Murphy's Views

  • Jobs and the Economy
    • Wants to simplify the tax code
    • Strengthen and Promote American Manufacturing
    • Reinvest in American transportation infrastructure
    • Lead in Renewable Energy
    • Make education a top priority
  • Supports affordable health care coverage.
  • Murphy is a pro-choice candidate.
  • Supports marriage equality as well as equality and no discrimination in military, workplace, classroom, health care system, etc based on sexual orientation.
  • Believes in preserving public parks and ensuring clean drinking water
  • Education
    • Wants to make college more affordable and more accessible for Connecticut students
    • Reduce the education achievement gap
    • Help students of America to succeed in the 21st century economy
    • Wants a overhaul of No Child Left Behind which is fairer
    • Enable state and local communities to provide adequate education in this economic hardship
Review Questions:
  1. What is Linda McMahon's six point plan?
  2. Which candidate supports marriage equality?
  3. Which candidate wants to repeal Obamacare?
  4. Which candidate supports capital punishment?
  5. What does Chris Murphy plan to do?
  6. Who wants to make college more affordable?
WWE- World Wide Wrestling Entertainment
Get R.E.A.L- An organization involved in getting kids to get up, get going and do something real in their lives.
WWE's Reading Challenge- A challenge to read a list of 10 top rated books picked out by the people promoted on WWE
Close Up Foundation- A non profit organization that helps educated and expose kids to democracy.
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