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AP Government Wiki

  • To create a resource to review important concepts from AP Government.
  • To provide a basic recap of American Government concepts that can be used by Civics students.

    What’s a Wiki
    A wiki is a web site that lets any visitor become a participant: you can create or edit the actual site contents without any special technical knowledge or tools. All you need is a [[#|computer]] with an Internet connection. A wiki is continuously “under revision.” It is a living collaboration whose purpose is the sharing of the creative process and product by many. One famous example is Wiki-pedia, an online encyclopedia with no “authors” but millions of contributors and editors. The word "wiki" comes from Hawaiian language, meaning "quick" or "fast." We will be utilizing the wiki: to complete our project.

    Your Task
    You will be assigned a topic from a list of important concepts from AP Government and topics that Civics teachers at CHS think are most important for all students to know. Using Wikispaces, your job will be to create an individual page about your assigned topics. Your wikipage should include a complete explanation of the topic as if you were writing an article about it for a government textbook. Your page will also have several other features to [[#|supplement]] your work and make the article ready for other students to use. You will also be assigned one or two partners who you will collaborate with as you compose your wiki page. It is your job to compose, fact check, and edit your assigned page.

    Entry Requirements
  • You entries must provide a full summary of the assigned topic.
    o The entry should be written in a format similar to that of a textbook.
    o It must be clear and easy to understand.
  • You must have at least one appropriate graphic.
  • If you have a concept that would benefit from the use of a chart, diagram, or graph these graphics
    MUST be embedded in your page.

    o Any graphics of this type should have an appropriate caption and analysis question.
  • Your page has clearly identified vocabulary words and also provides a definition for these terms both in your article and somewhere else on the page.
  • Your work is cited. You have clearly identified the source of your knowledge.
    o The work on your entry must be in your own words. You may use other sources but you must write your own
    material. Copying an online article and only changing a few words is not acceptable. Plagiarism will result in an F for this grade.
  • You have provided at least two links to either scholarly articles or current events in the media that are related to your topic.
  • Your entries will feature a set of “section review” questions about your article.
    o Answers for these questions are provided in a clearly identified [[#|file]] on Google Docs.
  • Your article must be properly tagged, cataloged.
  • You must link your article to at least two other topics once all the entries are completed.
  • Make sure your names clearly appears on the page you create. Also identify your editor.